UW500 Distributed Control System

UW500 (UWinPAS500) Distributed Control System is High Reliability, Open System, Powerful Functions and Easy Maintenance. More than 1000 sets of products already widely applied in all industrial fields, encompassing Petroleum Chemical, Thermal Power, Nuclear Power, Steel-making, Chemical Industry, Construction, Light Industry, Paper-making, Environmental Protection and so on.


  Hardware Redundancy Design: Power Supply Module with high-availability (hot spare) redundancy design, supports dual electricity grid input; Control Net and System Net both applied dual high-available redundancy design; Controller Module dual redundancy with zero transition time, which ensures control consistency; System internal input voting algorithm, output voting algorithm, input/output self-diagnosis and error report mechanism for all digital and analog values, no user-programming necessity——redundancy design can simply be approached by configuring, and ensure efficiently and stably running. 


Chang Shuan Electronics Co., Ltd. was established on July 30, 1991. Owing to our excellent quality, service, and reliability as well as kind support from the customers, our business led a fast growth.

ADTek believes in following quality standards like reliability , performance, continuous  improvement and meeting customer’s demand or designing according to specific applications.

ADtek’s products have gained a lot of attention and confidence of technical persons working here. ADtek’s products are low in cost but effective in efficiency and accuracy.


1.Digital Panel Meter

2.AC Power Transducer

3.Indicator & Controller

4.Signal Converter

5.Sensing Transducer

6.Temperature Transmitters

7.Network Converter

FineTek, Taiwan

Fine Automation Company was formed and started producing control system solutions. By integrating its existing R&D team and business units, FineTek (Group) Co. Ltd was established in 2003.

FineTek’s headquarter are located in Taiwan.  Our subsidiaries and branch offices around the world provide us with an international presence and help us to serve our global market.

FineTek is dedicated to provide complete instrumentation solutions in the following areas:

Production and control system, sensor component design, radar components, communication module design, liquid level controllers  electrical power control instruments.


1. Magnetic Float Level Switch

2. Radar Level Transmitter

3. Controller for Dust Collector

4. Speed Monitor

5. Safety Cable Pull Switch

6. Pneumatic Vibrator

7. Air Hammer

8. Loop Power Indicator


Founded in 2003, Zhejiang Linuo Flow Control Technology Co., Ltd is awarded as an advanced technology enterprise, dedicating to enhancing industrial automation level by engineering and manufacturing reliable and precise industrial flow control valve.

As company value noted, integrity, positive, innovation and win-win are rooted in over 500 Linuo members, to provide customers with integrated technical solutions incorporating reliability, cost saving and environmental friendly with complete sense of responsibility, which is also in compliance with orientation of customer satisfaction. Now Linuo valves are servicing for extensive industrial fields, including energy, petrochemical, metallurgy, chemicals, papermaking, environmental protection, biochemistry, pharmaceutical etc.


1. Globe Control Valve
2. Butterfly Valve
3. Knife Gate
4. Metal Seated Ball
5. Soft Seated Ball Valve


Since 1974 Valcom® designs, develops and manufactures measuring and control instruments for industrial processes and marine applications. More than 35 years of experience and efforts in developing innovative products for the measures of level, pressure, differential pressure, vacuum, temperature, flow, density, gloss, consistency and oil mist, make Valcom® Your ideal partner for sensors and control equipments



1. Smart Pres & Level Transmitter
2. Smart Specific Gravity Transmitter
3. Diff. Pressure Transmitter
4. Smart Temperature Transmitter
5. Pneumatic Flanged Level Trans
6. Flow Regulator
7. Static Level Switch
8. Diff. Pressure Transducer


Micro instruments is a leading and professional industrial automation instruments provider in China, we focus on the R&D and manufacture of  temperature controller, Process Controller, magnetic flow meters , Vortex flow meters, Paperless recorders, , Industrial automation control are all about precision, robust, accuracy, stability and safety, This has been the guideline and backbone of our policy.

We’ve been dedicated ourselves in providing cost-effective products to our customers from around the world.



1. Pressure Transmitter
2. Temperature Indicator
3. Signal Transducer
4. Recorders
5. Controllers
6. Flow meters

CVS Controls

CVS Controls Ltd. is an industry leader in the manufacturing of Control Valves and associated instrumentation products. We are dedicated to meet and exceed the challenging needs the industries require.

Our solid growth has come from ensuring that our products are completely interchangeable with the industry’s leading brands, and manufactured to strict quality control standards.

CVS is dedicated to continually improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of our quality management system. Our product is confirmed by a rigid quality control program which utilizes the most up to date methods of testing and inspection.


  1. Control Valve
  2. ESD
  3. Actuators
  4. Controllers
  5. Regulators
  6. Positioners
  7. Limit Switches
  8. Gauges/ Thermometers



ALIA Group Inc.

ALIA Group Inc. is established in 2003 in Newark, De, USA by a group of global instrument agents, aiming to produce high performance measuring instruments. Due to unstable quality of some suppliers over the past decades, customers doubt agents because of quality problem. As a result, Alia targets on quality control, offering strict quality management and best after sales services to our global customers. Because we used to be agents, we know what customers need.


In product researching and developing, Alia is well received globally by our high performance flow meters. Our next mission is to produce more instruments excellent in quality and measurement based on agents’ needs, work together with our agents and create a bright future.


1. Electromagnetic Flow Meter

2. Communication

3. Ultrasonic Flow Meter

4. Smart Diff. Pressure Transmitter

5. Variable Area Flow Meter

6. Vortex Flow Meter

7. Smart Target Flow Meter

8. Paperless Recorders

9. Multi-Function Calibration


Laurel Electronics, inc

Laurel Electronics, Inc. designs and manufactures electronic instruments for industrial measurement, control and networking.


Laurel programmable transmitters, digital panel meters, electronic counters, industrial timers, and large digit displays set the standard of the industry with technical features and performance.


            1-       Large Digital Displays

           2-       Laureate Transmitters: 4-20 mA, RS485 or Ethernet, plus Dual Relays

           3-       Laureate Electronic Counters & Timers

          4-       Laurel Digital Panel Meters & QLS 4-20 mA Loop Splitter


         5-       Serial Communication for Meters, Counters and Transmitters


Tag Machine/Cable id

Line printer can print characters on PVC pipe heat shrink tubing stickers and other materials usually used for wire markers to distinguish between needs identified. Printable PVC casing heat shrink tubing PET label 4mm strip sign

Cable ID Printer can marking on the PVC tube , Shrinkable Tube and Label Tape , it’s used for wire mark and identification. 


It can printing various of consumables rapidly and conveniently  , such as PVC tube ,heat shrink tube , PET label tape , 4mm ID strip , Brand plate ,Hangtag ,Terminal strip etc. ,The printer is the equipment for experiment , production , repairment and maintenance .Different model can meet different request ,can easily marking in various of cable , channel , component and power closet .

       It’s widely used for indentification in the aspect of switch ,locomotive ,machine tool,electric ,telecommunication and steel. 


           1-   LK340P Cable ID Printer Series

   2- LK330 Cable ID Printer Series

   3- LK320P Cable ID Printer Series

   4- LK320 Cable ID Printer Series

    5- LK340 Cable ID Printer Series