CAP Engineering Co  has been  serving the industry for the last one decade and the success it has attained,  is the fruit of  the hard work and dedications of our engineers and technicians who have worked to earn a repute among its competitors. We comprise of engineers and technicians who have vast and diversified experience in the field of instrumentation, automation and control engineering.

We  have state of the art  technology to install, calibrate, inspect, and commission the instruments on the site and have been quite successful in delivering quality products and technological advanced services.

We  are continuously  striving  to flourish and adapt today’s changing  industrial trends and requirements while remaining firm in our commitment to innovation and excellence.

This type of our adaptive behavior  allows us to better serve our customers and design and fabricate the most intelligent, fully-integrated material handling equipment. We  have satisfied our clients with state of the art instruments and dedicated services and hope to  win more hearts in the future.

Business Philosophy :

We believe in working smartly and nurture creativity to design and deliver innovative systems which would provide more value to our customers.

Our philosophy is to develop the organization in such a way that we first empower our employees with the knowledge and skills, put in the systems and processes in the place, and through value addition offer our services to make the world’s most successful customers.

We  have consistently set standards of engineering excellence through a wide range of high quality and reliable systems. It’s what sets us apart from the rest and continues to earn our products and services the praise of our customers and envy of our competitors.

Vision & Mission:

We as an industrial automation provider want to become world class engineering company  in  sales of industrial automation products and state of the art services .to our clients which could help them achieving their targeted outputs